Bahubali : Action movie Directed by SS Rajamouli

Successful director SS Rajamouli once again coming in focus with his upcoming movie Bahubali. On the birthday occasion of Prabhas, director launched first teaser of movie and movies get attention of all critics as well as media. Teaser looking awesome and it generated an incredible buzz surrounding the movie. Fans are become crazy when first teaser launched. Prabhas is leading actor in this movie and his first look has been launched in this teaser.

This film is shooting in two languages Tamil and Telagu simultaneously and later it can be dubbed in different languages like Hindi, Malyalam and foreign languages. As this movie looks like it is based on historical event that’s why Prabhas and Rana are learning horse riding for this movie.

Director and team worked hard on selecting shooting location. Some of the team members of movie are working on design of weapons.

Release Date of Bahubali

Not fixed yet. It may be in year 2015.

Watch online trailer of Bahubali

Star Cast of Bahubali

Director of Bahubali

S S Rajamouli
He is really a perfectionist director. He worked hard on his each project.

Producer of Bahubali

Shobu Yarlagadda
Prasad Devineni

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Gori Tere Pyaar Mein : Romantic Comedy Movie

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is a romantic comedy bollywood movie. It is directed by Punit Malhotra. When this film was planning to launch, there were many hurdles while launching. Initially, Sonam Kapoor and Imraan Khan was in leading role but Imraan khan was unhappy with this script so he backed out from this project and later Sonam Kapoor left this film due to personal reasons.

Later Shahid Kapoor was approached for this film but he also had some scripting issue that’s why he rejects it. Kareen Kapoor signed this film as a lead actress and Shraddha Kapoor signed for supporting role. And again Imraan Khan returned to this project again.

Release date of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

22nd November 2013

Watch Online Trailer of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein



Karan Johar

Star Cast of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Imraan Khan is playing a lead role in this movie. Initially he rejected this movie but later he accepted it.

Kareena Kapoor is now Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is playing a female lead role in this movie. She is very hopeful from this movie’s success.

Aashiqui 2 fame Shraddha Kapoor is well known actress due to her mind blowing performance in Aashiqui 2. She has played very good role in Aashiqui 2.

Music Director of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

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Pre-Launch reviews

It is romantic Comedy bollywood movie. Shraddha Kapoor is really looking pretty in this movie. It is one time watch movie.

Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi : Bollywood Movie

Tera Pyaar Meri  Zindagi is an upcoming Bollywood movie. It is not in gossip that much that’s why we didn’t get any idea about story.

Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi don’t have big stars but director hopes that it will earn good on box office.

Release date of Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi

25th October 2013

Watch online trailer of Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi

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Star Cast of Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi

Govind Khatri

Ehassan Khan

Director of Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi

S Anwar Ali

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Reviews of Tera Pyaar Meri Zindagi

It is not in gossip so, we can’t tell much about this film.

Mickey Virus : First Bollywood Film on Hacker

Mickey Virus is an upcoming Bollywood comedy movie. It is based on hackers and cybercrime. This film is directed by Saurabh Varma. In this movie, many new faces are introduced. Film looks good as per its trailer and story. This film is totally shot in Delhi.

Mickey Virus movie’s story rotates around the one cybercrime. Delhi police needs some help from any hacker to help them to resolve the case. Delhi Police find the Manish i.e. Mickey. Who is well known hacker and he own develop some viruses for one of the antivirus company. He has developed one game as well and its name is “Kung Fu Chameli”. He is really hard worker. He works with police to investigate the case and helps them in cyber related issues.

Puja Gupta, who played role in Vicky Donor movie as neighbor of Ayushman Khurana. She is playing role in this movie as well. She got major role in this movie.

Release date of Mickey Virus

25th October 2013

Watch Online trailer of Mickey Virus

Click here to watch online trailer of Mickey Virus

Star Cast of Mickey Virus

Puja Gupta    

Elli Avram

Manish Chaudhary

Nitish Pandey

Vikesh Kumar

Director of Mickey Virus

Saurabh Varma

Producer of Mickey Virus

Arun Rangachari

Vivek Rangachari

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Expected Review of Mickey Virus

This movie will get 2.5 rating.

Warning 3D : Bollywood’s first 3D underwater movie

Warning is an upcoming Bollywood thriller movie. It’s almost shooting takes place underwater that’s why it is in very gossip. Audience is really excited to watch first experiment of underwater thriller movie and it is also in 3D. Anubhav Sinha of Benaras Mediaworks announced movie will release on 27th September 2013.

Warning is in gossip not because its story or actor or actress, it is only because of underwater 3D experiment. It is a story of seven friends and who entered into shark-infested seas and they are unable to find their yacht.  How they are struggling to survive from shark fish, whole story rotates around it. Director and Producer tried make movie like Hollywood effects and movies. When we watch then that time only we can say something on their work. Let’s hope for their success.

Release date of Warning

27th September 2013

Watch Online trailer of Warning

Click here to watch online trailer of Warning.

Star Cast of Warning

All Star Cast of this movie looks new. There is no big name in this movie.

Santosh Barmola
Suzana Rodrigues
Madhurima Tuli

Jitin Gulati
Sumit Suri
Varun Sharma

Director of Warning

Gurmmeet Singh
He is starting his career as director in this movie. Let’s best of luck for him to get success in his first movie.

Producer of Warning

Anubhav Sinha
Jitendra Sinha

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Expected Review of Warning movie

This movie will get 3.5 out 5 rating. 

Dabba (The LunchBox) : Love Story starts from Tiffin

Dabba or The Lunchbox movie is an upcoming hindi movie. Director as well as producer tried to do something different as routine movies. Story background of Dabba is also different and we hope that director of this movie, Ritesh Batra will put this story in front of audience in a good way and we will enjoy it. Irfan Khan signed this movie because he liked this script and concept of his characters not speaking much rather talking through notes.

Story of Dabba or the Lunchbox movie rotates around the tiffin which delivers mistakenly to someone else and then love story starts of one widower bored housewife and Sudeep as Irrfan Khan. They use Dabba as medium to deliver love letters. This story includes Mumbai’s Dabbawalas daily life. Mumbai’s Dabbawala are getting more exposure from this movie. Lunchbox delivery system of Mumbai is very famous in world.

This film was screened in International Critics Week at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where this film received a standing ovation and positive reviews and also won the choice award of critics.

Release Date of Dabba movie

20th September 2013

Watch online trailer of Dabba movie

Click here to watch online trailer or Dabba

Director of Dabba movie

Ritesh Batra

Star Cast of Dabba movie

Irrfan Khan is in a leading role for this movie. He is really very good actor.

Denzil Smith

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Expected Review for Dabba

It got award in Cannes film festival and Irrfan Khan is in lead role, So I hope this movie will get 4 out of 5 rating. 

John Day: Indian Thriller Film

John Day is an upcoming Bollywood movie of Randeep Hooda and Naseeruddin Shah. Naseeruddin Shah is again in lead role and we can hope that he will do his best as like ‘Wednesday’. Story of this movie rotates around the mysterious death of young girl unfolds secrets and a conspiracy. John Day is the father of that girl and he is a simple, honest and god fearing man.

Apart from above mentioned story, We didn’t get any details about story of this movie. Trailer and posters are showing that this movie has very good suspense. Naseeruddin Shah is playing a lead role in this movie along with Randeep Hooda.  Ahishor Solomon has written story for this movie John Day.

Release date of John Day

13th September 2013

Watch online trailer of John Day

Click here to watch online trailer

Director of John Day

Ahishor Solomon

Star Cast of John Day

He is well known Indian actor. He won three National film awards, three filmfare awards, best actor awards and many more. He has started his career in Bollywood with “Hum Paanch” movie.

Randeep Hooda is also well known actor now days in India. He came in focus after “Jism 2” movie with Sunny Leone. He played lead role in Jism 2 and due to this movie, he got may offers for upcoming movies.

Elena Kazan

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Link will be activated once movie get release. 

Expected reviews of John Day

Movie looks good and expected rating for this movie would be 3.5 out of 5.

Prague : Psychological Thriller movie

Prague is an upcoming Bollywood movie of new stars. Rohit Khaitan is producing this movie and Ashish R Shukla directed it. Prague was planned to release on 26th July 2013 but due to some of their problems, it couldn’t release on time. Now, Prague movie is releasing on 6th Sept.

Chandan Roy Sanyal, Elena Kazan, Arfi Lamba and Kumar Mayank are having leading role in this movie. Whole story rotates around the two characters Chandan and Elena who are living in Prague city. Elena is Czech gypsy girl who is searching for unique identity for her and when she met to Chandan as passionate architect and then they fell in love. Prague tells us that –What you see is not true or is the truth, what you not see.

Prague Bollywood movie is looking like some psychological thriller movie which takes you on a roller coaster ride through complex working of mind.

Release date of Prague Movie

6th Sept 2013

Watch Online trailer of Prague

Click here to watch online trailer

Director of Prague Movie

Ashish R Shukla

Star Cast of Prague

Chandan is Indian actor who worked in many Bengali films. Chandan has already played role in hindi movies like Rang de Basanti, Kaminey.

He is actor as well as producer. He is the co-owner of Bombay Berlin Film Production(BBFP) a film production and service company.

Kumar Mayank


Rohit Khaitan

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Expected review of John Day

Movie looks good and expected rating for this movie would be 3 out of 5.

Boss : Bollywood Action Drama film

Boss is an upcoming Bollywood movie also known as Naam hain Boss. We heard that it is remake of Malayalam action movie Pokkiri Raja. Akshay Kumar is again coming in front of audience with new role. He is playing a role of gangster who is very kind in nature. In this movie, very big star cast are playing role. Mithun Chakraborty i.e. Dada on small screen, he is also playing big role in this movie. He is playing a role of father of Akshay Kumar.

Ronit Roy who is famous for his serial “Adalat” on small screen, he is also playing a major role in this movie. i.e. COP. We all know what is the story of this movie because it is a remake. But we can expect something from Akshay Kumar.

Director Anthony D’souza directed “Blue” movie and now he is directing “Boss” movie. 

Release date of Boss

18th October 2013

Watch online trailer

Watch online trailer of Boss

Theatrical trailer will release on 27th August 2013.

Director of Boss

Anthony D’Souza

Star Cast of Boss

Parikshit Sahini

Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha are in special appearance for one song.

Download songs of Boss

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Sutta Kadhai : Tamil Comedy movie

Ungli: Sanjay Dutt's Next Movie

Sutta Kadhai is an upcoming Tamil comedy movie. It is directed by Subu. He is a debutant director in Tamil Film Industry. This film’s story is having some suspense because it rotates around one murder case on which two constables are working to solve this case. In this movie, Music composer Madley Blues a music band is also a debutant in Tamil film industry.

Sutta Kadhai’s music is already launched in one program which was held on 1st June at Switzerland. In this movie, all songs are good to listen.

Almost all shooting of this movies arranged near to Kodhaikanal place. Ravinder Chandrashekhar is producing this movie and director Subu is in charge of the story and screenplay.

Debutant music composer , debutant director  in this movie confuses audience how will this movie. But whatever Subu played role till yet he really made them visible and created his own identity. So, in this movie as well, he will do well and he will not dissatisfy us or will not break audience expectations. Music Band - Madley Blues consisting of two persons Harish Venkat and Prashanth Techno.

Release date of Sutta Kadhai

30th August 2013

Watch Online trailer

Watch online trailer of Sutta Kadhai

Director of movie


Producer of Sutta Kadhai

Ravinder Chandrashekhar

Music Composer

Madley Blues band

Star Cast of Sutta Kadhai

Balaji Venugopal

Venkatesh harinathan
Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli
M S Bhaskar
Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

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